Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Sun in the Seventh House

If the Sun is in the seventh house the marriage of the native will take place late (that is, long after the marriageable age). He will not respect the opposite sex. He will indulge in sexual relations with women other than his wife. He will have more than one wife. In his 25th year he will travel to a place far away from his native land. He will be witty and fond of non-vegetarian food. He will not have fair dealings with his wife. He will be of unstable mind. If the Sun is posited in his own sign Leo, the native will live with only one wife. If the Sun is associated with an enemy or debilitated planet, or if he is associated with or aspected by a malefic, the native will have a number of wives (or will have sexual contacts with many women.)

Comments-It is clear from what is stated above that the placement of the Sun in the 7th house is not at all favourable for marital relations except when he is in own sign Leo. The marriage of the native will be delayed probably because of his incapability to settle down with one woman. Further being a malefic planet he will spoil the normal significations of the 7th house. The Sun is a hot planet. He also signifies vitality and virility. The native will therefore be abnormally passionate and will run after more than one woman to satisfy his carnal desires. This vice will be further accentuated when there are malefic influences on the Sun native will go away to a far off place if the Sun is in the seventh in his horoscope. We remember of one case about the correctness of this statement which was reported in one of the issues of Prof B.V. Raman's Astrological magazine. We would advise the readers to verify this by practical experience.

Other Views
Brihat Jatak-The person concerned should suffer humiliation at the hands of women.
Phaldeepika-Some part of the body of the native will be afflicted. The native will act against the interests of the Govt. He will wander aimlessly and get humiliated. The native will be devoid of happiness from wife.
Saravali-The native will be without lustre on his face, he will get humiliated in public, he will suffer from diseases and will do deeds which may lead him into prison. He will be immoral and will have no respect for women.
Chamatkar Chintamani-The wife of the native will suffer. The body of the native will be afflicted. He will always be worrying. He will suffer loss in business. Because of his jealous nature he will never get proper sleep.

Note-It is clear from the above views that if the Sun is in the 7th house, the native will be immoral in all sorts of ways. Because of his immoral nature, he will get involved in affairs which will lead to his humiliation by women. For the same reason his marital life will not be happy. He will not be patriotic and will act against the king or Government. For this reason he may have to wander here and there. As far as the immorality of the native is concerned the views expressed in Bhrigu Sutras are supported by the authorities mentioned above.

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